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Home Care vs. Residential Care

In-Home Care

Whatever your needs, in-home aged care can be tailored to you in your current home; be it a house, unit or in a retirement village.


Services range vastly - from practical domestic assistance, personal care and social support - to complex care including nursing, clinical services and palliative help.

Jim's Home Care can also provide 24/7 care in your home. There are various different types of funding, with the Commonwealth Home Care Package program being one of the main ones that allows you to choose services that are best suited to your needs. 

Residential Care

If you are an older person who needs intensive ongoing help, an aged care home is one option to consider. You will need to choose between permanent care and short-term care (also called residential respite care). 

Although Jim's Home Care do not provide residential care services, our care advisors are more than happy to assist you in the journey and point you in the right direction. A good place to start is myagedcare, a Commonwealth Government service. 

In-Home Care

Everyone loves their own home. Moving into residential care is often a reluctant move for many. The good news is there are alternatives. Jim's Home Care offers a vast array of in-home care services for people who know they want more independence - and maximum choice in the type of care they receive, most of which can be part or fully government funded

The Home Care Journey

The realisation that you or your loved one needs extra care in their older age is often very daunting. This is followed by worry and confusion as you try to navigate through the aged care system.

Our trusted care advisors have many years of experience helping countless people like you find the best solution, so you can feel confident in helping your loved one choose the best path for their needs and lifestyle. 

Let us take the headache from you..

Call us, obligation-free, to discuss your home care options.


Let one of our care advisors help navigate your journey. 

Who is choosing Home Care vs. Residential Care ?

In-Home Care

A recent Australian Government survey of individuals over the age of 60 shows that over 80% of people would prefer staying at home in their older years. 


With the wide array of services and funding to help people make this choice to safely stay at home through their golden years, it is now clear that this is a true alternative to residential care for many. 

*Housing Decisions of Older Australians research paper, Australian Government's Productivity Commission, 2015.

Residential Care

The study on decisions of older Australians also revealed that only 6% of people aged over 60 years old would prefer to live in a retirement village in their older years.


And even less people - just 1% - would choose to live in a residential aged care facility as they age. 

When will each option suit you ? 

In-Home Care

For older people who choose to continue living and enjoying the independence of life in their own homes, in-home aged care services can offer appropriate, individualised support to help you stay safe and healthy at home. 


Services can range from practical support with daily tasks such as shopping and cleaning, to more clinically complex assistance including nursing and allied health services. In-home care also includes the provisioning of goods and equipment, as well as home modification required to keep your home suitably safe for your current condition. 

Residential Care

With an increase in support available in-home, residential aged care is increasingly focused on catering for people during their much later years when care needs gets overly complex, or when nearing their end-of-life. The average age of residents being over 84 years old when they first enter residential care. 

*6th report on Funding and Financing of the Aged Care Sector, July 2018 

How much will home care cost ? 

In-Home Care

The Australian Government funds in-home age care through a variety of different means. One of them being the Home Care Package program which is funded by the Commonwealth Government. 


This program provides a client with a level of funding specific to their care needs in 4 levels. Each level attracts an annual subsidy provided by the government that can be used to pay for care services approved for under the package program through an approved provider such as Jim's Home Care.


You may be asked to contribute to the cost of your care package, depending on your means. Means-tested client contributions is calculated and dictated by the Commonwealth Government.  

​Current levels of subsidy can be found on the myagedcare website. 

The Jim's Home Care Model

There are over 900 in-home care providers in Australia, with each charging different fees. Fees are typically split into 2 categories; Fixed fees (to cover overhead costs of your home care package provider), and Service fees (for services provided out of your home care package).


At Jim's, we believe in keeping fixed fees low to maximise the services you are able to utilise. Our fixed fees (under 10%) are arguably amongst the lowest in the industry, allowing you to maximise your funding for services and goods that mean the most to you.  

Click here to view our fee schedule, and visit myagedcare to compare us against other providers. 

Alternatively, give us a call or e-mail us and we can do a comparison between providers based on their published fee schedules for you to make sure you get the most out of your funding. 

Will it keep me healthy and independent?

In-Home Care

Effective in-home care services individualised for your needs, can lower their risk of entering permanent residential care.


This is due to the life-enhancing combined benefits of independence and support. In fact, there is clear evidence that staying at home longer has direct health benefits for older people and can even increase their life expectancy.


With a wide range of services from basic domestic assistance to clinical support, in-home care services are aimed at maximising your functionality at home, to ensure you are able to stay home as long as you can.  

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